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As with all military organizations, the Canadian Navy and Military establishment made extensive use of abbreviations in order to streamline communications among members, orders, documents, administrative material and many other forms of interaction. The following is a list of many of these abbreviations drawn from "The Naval Service of Canada" Its Official History which was producted by the Military Historical Section of the Department of National Defence.

A/ Assistant Acting
A.A anti-aircraft
A/Capt Acting Captain
A.C.C.(I) Atlantic Convoy Conference Minutes
A/C.N.A.S.(E) Assitant Chief of Naval Administration and Supply (Equipment)
A.C.N.S. Assitant Chief of the Naval Staff
A.C.S. Distinguishing letters on files of joint Service Committee, Atlantic Coast
A/D.Min Assistant Deputy Minister
A/D.N.S. Assistant Director of Naval Stores
A.F.O. Admiralty Fleet Order
AH Aruba-Halifax convoy
A LG Address Indicating Group
A.M. (No.) Admiralty publication
A.M.C. armed merchant cruiser
A/N.C.S.O. Acting Naval Control Service Officer
A.N.D. Admiralty Net Defence
A.O.C. Air Officer Commanding
A.R.L. Admiralty Research Laboratory
A.R.O. Admiralty Record Office
A/S anti-submarine
A/See Assistant Secretary
A/S.O.(C.O.) Acting Staff Officer (Combined Operations)
Asst.N.See Assistant Naval Secretary
A/T anti-torpedo
B.A.D. British Admiralty Delegation
B.A.S.R. British Admiralty supply and Repairs
B.A.T.M. British Admrialty Technical Mission
B.D.O. Boom Defence Officer
b.h.p. brake horse power
BHX Bermuda portion of HX convoy
B.M.W.T. British Ministry of War Transport
B.M.W.T.R. British Ministry of Transport Representative
B.P.C. Base Planning Committee
B.R.L.O. British Routing Liaison Officer
B.U.S.R.A. British-United States Routeing Agreement
BX Boston-Halifax Convoy
B.Y.M.S. British "Y" Class Minesweeper
C.A.A.C. Crown Assets Allocation Committee
C.A.M.S. Catapult Aircraft Merchant Ships
Can High Comm Canadian High Commissioner
Capt.D Captain (Destroyer)
C.A.S. Chief of the Air Staff
C.B. Confidential Book
C.B.A. C.B.C. broadcasting station
C.B.C. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
C.C.C.S. Captain  (later Commodore) Commanding Canadian Ships and Establishments in the United Kingdom
C.C.N.F. Commodore Commanding Newfoundland Force
C.C.O. Communications, Coding, and Cyphering Arrangements
Cdr Commander
Cdr. (D) Commander (Destroyers)
Cdre Commodore
C.G.S. Canadian Government Ship
CHOP Line Near 47th Meridian dividing the British and Canadian areas of responsibilty
C. in C Commander in Chief
C. in C. A. and W.I. Commander in Chief, Atlantic and West Indies Station
C. in C., C.N.A. Commander in Chief, Canadian Northwest Atlantic
CINCLANT Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet
C.L.E.S. Canadian Legion Education Service
C.M.S.A. Co-operation with the British Ministry of War Transport in the United States
C.M.S.C. Co-operation with the British Ministry of War Transport in Canada
C.N.E.C. Chief of Naval Engineering and Construction
C.N.E.S. Chief of Naval Equipment and Supply
C.N.M.O Canadian Naval Mission Overseas
C.N.O. Canadian Naval Order
C.N.P. Chief of Naval Personnel
C.N.R. Canadian National Railways
C.N.S. Chief of Naval Staff
C.N.W.44 Canadian Naval War Plan
C.O. Commanding Officer
C.O.A.C. Commanding Officer Atlantic Coast
C.O.A.V. Commanding Officer Auxiliary Coast
Com. 10TH Fleet C. AND R. Commander 10th Fleet Convoy and Routeing (U.S.)
COMINCH Commander in Chief U.S. Fleet
Cominch C. AND R. Commander in Chief U'S' Fleet, Convoy and Routeing
Commander (D) Commander (Destroyers)
Comm. OF Customs Commissioner of Customs
Commander (D) W.A. Commodore (Destroyers),  Western Approaches
C.O.N.D. Commanding Officer Naval Divisions
Connav. (No.) Navy Authority, Washington
C.O.P. Commander of Port
C.O.P.C. Commandong Officer Pacific Coast
C.O.R.D. Commanding Officer Reserve Divisions
C.O.T.C. Canadian Officers' Training Corps
C.P.O. Chief Petty Officer
C.P.R. Canadian Pacific Railway
C.R. Control Ratings
  Central Registry
C.R.O. Chief Recruiting Officer
C'S. (No.) Admiralty file number
C.S.A. Consular Shipping Advisior
C.S.B. Canadian Shipping Board
C.S.C. Chiefs of Staff Committee
C.S.O.R. Chief of Staff Officer Reserves
C.Supt, Commodore Superintendent
C.T.F. Commander Task Force
C.T.O.(N) Chief Treasury Officer (Navy)
cttee committee
CU Caribbean-United Kingdom convoy
C.V.D. Commercial Vessel Escort
C.V.E. Carrier Vessel Escort
C.V.P. ConvoyProgramme
C.W. Commissioned Warrant
C.W. (No.) Admiralty Record Office file
C.W.S.F. Commander Western Sea Frontier
D.A/S Director of Anti-submarine
D/C depth Charge
D.C.N.P. Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel
D,C.N.S. Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff
D/D.E.M.S. Director of Defensively Equipped Merchant Chips
D/D.S.R. Deputy Director of Scientific  Research
D/D.W.T. Deputy Director of Warfare and Training
D,E.E. Director of Electrical Engineering
D.E.M.S. Defensively Equipped Mechant Ships
D.E.P. Director of Engineering Personnel
D.F.A.S.S. Director of Fleet Accounting, Supply and Secretariat
D.G. degaussing gear
D/G degaussing
D.H. (No) H.M.C.S."Scotian", base files
D.H.D, Director of Harbour Defence
Dir Gen Director General
D.L.P. Director of Electrical Personnel
D. Min Deputy Minister
D.M.N.A. Director of Manning and Naval Assistant
D.M.R.D. Director of Medical Research and Development
D.M.S. Director of Merchant Seamen
D.N.A. Director of Naval Accounts
D.N.C. Director of Naval Construction
D.N.E. Director of Naval Education (prior to the war, Director of Naval Engineering)
D.N.E.S. Director of Naval Engineering Service
D.N.H.S. Director of the Naval Historicl Section
D.N.I. Director of Naval Intelligence
D.N.I. and P. Director of Naval Intelliegence and Plans
D.N.I. and T. Director of Naval Intelligence and Trade
D.N.O. Director of Naval Ordinance
D.N.O.T. Director of Naval Operations and Training
D.N.P. Director of Naval Personnel
D.N.R. Director of Naval Reserves
D.N.S. Director of Naval Stores
D.N.T. Director of Naval Training
D.O.D. Director of Operations Division
D. of  P. Director of Plans
D. of T. Director of Trade
Dom. Aff Dominion Affairs
D.O.R. Director of Operational Research
D. Org Director of Organization
D.P.B. Defence Purchasing Board
D.P.D. Director of Plans Division
D.P.R. Direactor of Personnel Records
D.P.S. Director of Personnel Selection
D.P.W. Director of Prisoners of War
  Department of Public Works
Drafting E.O. Drafting Engineer Officer
D.R.D. Director of Reserve Divisions
D.S.B. Director of Shipbuilding
D.S.D. Director of Signals Division
  Desirable Sailing Date
D.S.P. Director of Seaman Personnel
D.S.R. Director of Ship Repairs
D.S.S. Director of Special Services
D.T.C. Discharge Transit Centre
D.T.D. Director of Trade Division
D.T.N.A. Director of Training and Naval Assistant
D.V.A. Department of Veteran's Affair
D.W.B. Director of Works and Buildings
D/W.R.C. Y.S. Director of Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service
D.W.S. Director of Women's Service
D.W.T. Director of Warfare and Training
  Director of Weapons and Tractics
d/wt dead-weight
E.A. Electrical Artificer
E.A. (No.) Distingushing letters in files of Permanent Joint Board on Defence
E.A.M/B.M.O. Electrical Anti-mining Base Maintenance Officer C Engineer in Chief
El. A/Lieut: Cdr Electrical Acting Lieuten
E.R.A. Engine Room Artificer
E.R. Ratings Engine Room Ratings
Ext. Aff External Affairs
F.D.E. Final Discharge Establishment
F.E. Financial, Encumbrance
F.E.O. Fleet Engineer Officer
(FF) Fire Fighter
F.O.N.F. Falg Officer, Newfoundland
F'R. Fishermens Reserve
(G) Gunnery
GAT Guantanamo-Trinidad convoy
G.B.M.S. Great Britain Merchant Ships (a wireless message routine)
GN Guantanamo-New York Convoy
G,R.T. gross registered tonnage
GS Greenland-Sydney convoy
GU Gibraltar-United States convoy
Gunner (T) Torpedo Gunner
GZ Guantanamo-Panama convoy
HA Halifax-Aruba convoy
HA/LA High Angle, Low Angle (gunnery)
HF/DF High Frequency Direction Finding
H.M.C.S. His Majesty's Canadian Ship
H.M.S. His Majesty's Ship
H.M.T. His Majesty's Transport
H.Q. Headquarters
H.Q.S. (No) Distinguishing letters on file of N.D.H.Q. (Army), Ottawa
HT Halifax-Trinidad Convoy
I-IX Halifax (New York)-United Kingsom Convoy
HXF fast HX convoy
I.E. Increased Endurance
I.O.D.E. Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire
LT Instructional Technique
J.A.G. Judge Advocate General
J.S.C. Joint Services Committee
k knots
K.R. and A.L. King's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions
K.R.C.N. King's Instructions for the government of the Canadian Naval Service
L.C.A. Landing Craft Assault
L.C.I. (L) Landing Craft Infantry (large)
L.C.M. Landing Craft Mechanized
L.C.M. (W) Landinf Craft Mechanized (wood)
L.C.T. Landing Craft Tank
Lieut Lieutenant
LL Denotes that a ship is fitted for magnetic minesweeping
LN Quebec-Labrador convoy
L.R. Layer Rating
L.S.I. (M) Landing Ship Infantry (medium)
L.S.T. Landing Ship Tank
L.T.O. Leading Torpedoman
M.A.C. Merchant-ship Aircraft Carrier
M. and 5 Munitions and Supply
M.A/S/T.U. Mobile Adic Training Unit
M.C.I. Mercantile Convoy Instructions
M.D.G. Medical Director General
Min Minister
M.L. Motor Launch
(MM) Motor Mechanic
M.O. Mediacal Officer
M.O.E,F. Mid-Ocean Escort Force
M.O.C.R.I. Mercantile Pacific Coastwise Routing Instructions
M.P.R.L. Mercantile Pacific Routeing Instructions
M/S Minesweeper
MIT Motor Transport
M.T.B. Motor Torpedo Boat
M.T.E. Mechanical Training Establishment
M.W.T. (British) Ministry of War Transport
N.A. (P. AND P) Naval Assistant (policy and Plans)
Nat. Def National Defence
N.C.S. Naval Control Service
N.C.S.I. Naval Control Service Instructions
N.C.S.O. Naval Control Service Officer
N.D.A. Naval Discipline Act (British but made applicable to R.C.N by Canadian Legislation)
N.D.H.Q. National Defence Headquarters
N.E.C.R.I. Northern Europe Coastal Route Instructions
NG New York-Guantanamo convoy
N.I. (S) Naval Instructions to Salaried Consular Officers
N.I. (U) Naval Instructions to Unsalaried Consular Officers
NL Labrador-Quebec convoy
N.M.C.J.S. Naval Member Canadian Joint Staff (Washington)
N.M.C.S. Naval Member Canadian Staff
N.O.B. Naval Operating Base
N.O.LC Naval Officer in Charge
N.R.C. National Research Council
N.S.(No.) Naval Service File Number
N.S.D.C. Naval Surplus Disposal Committee
N. See Naval Secretary
N.S.H.Q. Naval Service Headquarters
N.S.O. Naval Stores Officer
N.S.,T.S. (No.) Naval Service Top Secret file number
N.W.R. Naval Weekly Report
O.A. Ordnance Artificer
O.D.T. Officer of Defence "Transportation"
O.i/c Officer in Charge
O IN C Order in Council
ON United Kingdom - North America convoy
ONS United Kingdom - North America slow convoy
O.R.S. Ottawa Routeing Summary
O.S.R.D. Office of Scientific Research and Development
OT Aruba-Dakar convoy
P. AND O Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co.
P. AND R.T. Physical and Recreational Training
P.C. Privy Council
P.D. (No) Admiralty Record Office file number
P.D.O. Port Defence Officer
dr pounder
J.B.D. Permanent Joint Board on Defence
P.M.O. Principal Medical Officer
P.O. Petty Officer
P.W. Public Works
"Q" Messages A series of numbered messages giving changes in navigational information due to war conditions
Q.R. Quarters Rating
QS Quebec-Sydney convoy
R.A. 3rd B.S. Rear Admiral Third Battle Squadron
R.A.N. Royal Australian Navy
R.C.A Royal Canadian Artillery
R.C.A.F. Royal Canadian Air Force
R.C.M.P Royal Canadian Mounted Police
R.C.N. Royal Canadian Navy
R.C.N.B. Royal Canadian Naval Barracks
R.C.N.M.R. Royal Canadian Naval Monthly Review
R.C.N.R Royal Canadian Naval Reserve
R.C.N.V.R. Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve
R.C.S.C. Royal Canadian Sea Cadets
R.D.F. Radio Direction, Finding (later radar)
R.D.F.O. Radio Direction Finding Officer
R.N. Royal Navy
R.N.L.O Royal Navy Liason Officer
R.N.O. Resident Naval Overseer
R.N.R. Royal Navy Reserve
R.N.V.R. Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve
R.N.Z.N. Royal New Zealand Navy
R.O. Reporting Officer
R. of P. Report of Proceedings
R/T Radio Telephony
R.Y.P.A. Mechanical imitation for training gunlayers (roll, yaw, pitch & Alter course)
S. A/S Supertendent, Anti-submarine
(S.B.) Special Branch (used after naval rank indicating officer carrying out technical or specialized duties other than those pertaining to rodinary branches of the navy)
S.B.D. Superintendent of Boom Defence
SC New York (halifax, Sydney)-UK convoy
S.C.F.O. (O) Senior Canadian Flag Officer (overseas)
S.C.L. Superintendent of Construction Liaison
S.C.N.O. Senior Canadian Naval Officer
S.C.N.O.(L) Senior Canadian Naval Officer (London)
S/D Submarine Detector
S.D.I. Submarine Detector Instructor
Sec N.B. Secretary, Naval Board
SG Sidney-Greenland convoy
S.N.O. Senior Naval Officer
S.O. Senior Officer
  Signal Officer
S.O.(C.O.) Staff Officer
S.O. Escorts Senior Officer Escorts
S.O. (I) Staff Officer (Intelligence)
S.O. (M) Staff Officer (Material)
S.O. (O) Staff Officer (Operations)
S.O. (P) Staff Officer (Plans)
S.O. (T) Staff Officer (Trade)
S.P. Bulletin Senior Psychologist's (Adm) Bulletin
SQ Sydney-Quebec convoy
S.S.B. Superintendent of Shipbuilding
S.T. Seaman Torpedoman
S.T.O. Sea Transport Officer
  Squadron Torpedo Officer
S.T.T.D. Senior Technician, Technical Division
(T) Torpedo  
T.(No.)B Treasury Board minutes
T.A.F. Temporary Air Facilities
T.A.G. Trinidad-Guantanamo convoy
T.G.M. Torpedo Gunner'd Mate
TH Trinidad-Halifax convoy
TO Dakar-Aruba convoy
T.S. Top Secret
UC United Kingdom - Caribbean convoy
UG United Kingdom - Gibraltar convoy
U.K. United Kingdom
U.N. T.D. University Naval Training Division
U.S.C.G. United States Coast Guard
U.S.N. United States Navay
U.S.N.R. United States Naval Reserve
U.S.S.R. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
V/Chief Vice Chief
V.C.N.S. Vice Chief of the Naval Staff
VLR very long range
V.R. Volunteer Reserve
V /S Visual Signalling
V.T.O. Visula Training Officer
W.A.C. War Assets Corporation
WESTOMP Western Ocean Meeting Point
W.P.L. Western Hemisphere Defence Plan
W.R.C.N.S. Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service
W.R.N.S. Women's Royal Naval Services
W.S.B. War Supply Board
W/T Wireless telegraphy
XB Halifax-Boston convoy
X.D.O. Extended Defence Officer
X.O. Executive Officer
ZG Panama-Guantanamo convoy



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