This Day in WW II History

June 10

1940 June 10 Italy declares war on France and the United Kingdom. Norway surrenders. King Haakon and his government had evacuated to Britain three days previously.
1941 June 10 Assab, the last Italian-held port in East Africa, falls.
1942 June 10 Nazis burn the Czech village of Lidice as reprisal for the killing of Reinhard Heydrich. All male adults and children are killed, and all females are taken off to concentration camps.[2]
1942 June 10 Rommel pushes the Free French forces out of Bir Hakeim, a fortress south-west of Tobruk. Although the 1st Free French brigade is largely surrounded, their commander, General Koenig, is able to find and fight his way through gaps in Rommel's widely dispersed forces.
1944 June 10 At Oradour-sur-Glane (a town near Limoges), France, 642 men, women, and children are killed in a German response to local Resistance activities.
1944 June 10 ┬áIn the Distomo massacre in Greece, 218 civilians are killed.
1945 June 10 Australian troops land in Brunei.